the other day you came round we apologiesed we wanted things too go back too how they were;
we broke up the day after, that day i gave up! not just on us but on everything; i don't believe anything anymore to be honest i don't believe that i can have any trust in another human being!

two days later not even that; i was out with friends forgetting everything then we see eachother at a gas station, we ignore each other then you text me, we talk not the way we used too but we talk, then you tell me no wait you ask me too stay at your house, i think and think and i say yes! am i the idiot or are you :(

soo, you come and get me; we speak that night after alot of ignoring, we rekindle that flame and one thing lead too another and bammmn! the mistake had been made, i let you get inside of my head again and that only screwed things up for me even more! anyway; the next day you drop me off and things go back too how they were with us being awkward, we haven't spoken for 2days and deeep down i can't handle it, i feeel like i can until...

tonight, i saw you; my heart skipped a beat, and then when i saw you with her it felt like i was breaking! we haven't spoke, we haven't even been able too look eachother in the eye. that hurts soo bad! i tell myself i'm learning on how too get over you and too be happy but in ways i guess i'm lying too myself; i'm not going too get over you well not for a long time, especialyy when it is like this between us! i neeed too know; wheather we are going too move on and live our lifes or if we are going too make thing's work for once and for all. i need too know because the pain i feel now isn't too goood i just don't know what too do anymore! please all im loooking for is an answer! maybe i have that answer already by us not talking for the last day or two! but hmmmmmmm; just please the truth is all thats neeeded :(