if this job goes well i'm going too join configure gym :)
time too get FITTT!
that tummy will be mine . . .

1daaay ;)
what should i do ? i borrowed $90 off my mum to die by hair blondishy brown at the hairdressers about 2/3 weeks ago . . but now i really miss my brown hair and xtensions :'( i want too die it back too brown but hmm what to do ?
big time job interview tommorow ; nervous mucch! ;P

i wana get wassssteeed this weekend ;)
i'm offically the biggest loner.

i wanna go back too brunette :(
i miss using my hair extensions
Our friendship came and went
we were good friends
i don't really know exactly why we aren't how we were then well i do know what went down on my birthday but still i don't know i just feel like we had fun together we could talk to each other about stuff but then now i think about it was it all an act? I fully don't know who my true friends are anymore, i thought you were one i mean we had fun getting drunk together having silly moments but now it's just all gone you write that i obviously wasn't a true friend or what not but to be honest i thought i was and i thought you were too but hmm obviously not aw i duno all i'm saying is if i could have our friendship back i would , i mean i miss you guys but yeah life goes on right? :/

F R I E N D S ;
Haa what does the word actually mean?
You go threw your life going threw up's and down's loosing and gaining people who say too you "your my best friend" but really what are any of us getting out of this , yeah we learn how to be stronger , yeah we learn how to trust more and who we can trust but seriously what is that giving us some are saying yes it's making my life great i got rid of that backstabbing bitch mate but come on who hasn't told a white lie who hasn't mentioned a friends seceret b4 if it was accident or not. Were not all perfect we do all loose mates because we screw up! & in the end yeah we apparently find out who are real ones are but come on really how long until we loose them too , Girl friendships are like the little lions in africa fighting to be number1 hahaaha some are vicious and cruel and don't care who they hurt were some are those one's who help you threw it all .. But in the end all that matters is you gota fight too keep yourself alive not worrying about them others because when it comes down to it 90% of the chance there guna stab you in the back one day! it's up to you whether you forgive and forget or make the mistake and hold a grudge and loose what people say is a "True Friend"

i know it happend a while back but i'm glad it was with you!
the moment we shared and the words that we said make it one unforgetable kiss!

i need a new car :(
oh i can only dream ;p

your such a bitch seriously; what is your problem! you don't know me, you don't know who i am so what's your thing about hating me? straight up. he may of changed? too you or whatever but just because he doesn't spend his weekends with you and every waking moment texting you doesn't mean his changed! people change they move on his still your fucking friend he doesn't have too text you 24/7 just too show his your friend. he has better things ta do mate! you just make me so darn angry' i do not change him and i have not like seriously wtf baae; he can text you he can hang with you i don't care and i don't know what your on about he doesn't hang with you's lot anymore; he still hangs with pretty much most his mate's it's just not you! soo yeaah maybe you did something wrong fuck knows but stop blameing me and haveing a bitch, i haven't done anything i'm just his fucking girlfriend >sheeeeitt>i don't know if ya fancy him and to be honest i don't care if ya do cos i'm with him so i don't really expect him ta leave me 4 mmm ? haaha. but anywhoo seriously just grow up' don't be so quick to judge a book by it's cover! seriously you'd be suprised what people are like if ya didn't do thaat, everything aint always what ya seem. i don't care if i am being immature and writing this on the internet as ya sayl the internet seems ta be as big as your mouth so hmm seems the same too me , most people do get there anger out on things like this it's not like it says your name so no need ta think your miss hot shit and jump too conclusions; just mm if ya have nothing nice ta say don't say nothing at all the whole thing would be alot easier if ya did zip it.

"But when the lights go down all you hear is the sound of;
Me calling you ... your the only one that i call out too , In my bed no one else will lay it's just 4you tonights just 4you; Tonight is your night booy"

-tonight is your night-jesse mccartney

Can't wait! ;D

Baaaabbyyy i love'' chu! :P
threw everything we made it work.
really proves something huh ? :)
16/11/09 baby always& forever.

twenty ten ;
baby it's already a minter ;)
never giving up!
live life too the fullest no mater what ;P
all your little dramas can just float away! :D

It'sa newyear, soo in other words it'sa newstart or betteryet; new beginnings!
let's make 2010 a yeaar too remember!
things r guna change!

hmm, alots happend since i've last been on this thing, and i've just got a hell'offa lot more confused! i love you; & then i love you not! haa, it's like those little flower games they play on "the little mermaid" .. he loves me ; he loves me not ! :L haa i always seem too be playing that game in my head when it comes down too us! , always thinking; does he love me ? doesn't he wana be together anymore! hmm i wonder. things between us haven't been the same but then the last two days it's like we've reconected! when you hug me you pull me closer and you seem too always hold me tighter; it makes me feel like you don't wana let go and to be honest, i love that feeling. i don't wana speak too soon and screw whatever this up! i just yeaah have been thinking about it and needed too say it too or on something haha. you know i will always have that feeling for you; i don't know why i just fell pretty hard for you sweetie, and it sucks too think what we had goten like b4 the new year.. people are saying new year new beginings maybe that's for us! in ways i hope so. i just want the pain and the tears too disapear and the love and the laughter too come back. . new year new beginings! ;; hmmm i wonder if it can work ?

the other day you came round we apologiesed we wanted things too go back too how they were;
we broke up the day after, that day i gave up! not just on us but on everything; i don't believe anything anymore to be honest i don't believe that i can have any trust in another human being!

two days later not even that; i was out with friends forgetting everything then we see eachother at a gas station, we ignore each other then you text me, we talk not the way we used too but we talk, then you tell me no wait you ask me too stay at your house, i think and think and i say yes! am i the idiot or are you :(

soo, you come and get me; we speak that night after alot of ignoring, we rekindle that flame and one thing lead too another and bammmn! the mistake had been made, i let you get inside of my head again and that only screwed things up for me even more! anyway; the next day you drop me off and things go back too how they were with us being awkward, we haven't spoken for 2days and deeep down i can't handle it, i feeel like i can until...

tonight, i saw you; my heart skipped a beat, and then when i saw you with her it felt like i was breaking! we haven't spoke, we haven't even been able too look eachother in the eye. that hurts soo bad! i tell myself i'm learning on how too get over you and too be happy but in ways i guess i'm lying too myself; i'm not going too get over you well not for a long time, especialyy when it is like this between us! i neeed too know; wheather we are going too move on and live our lifes or if we are going too make thing's work for once and for all. i need too know because the pain i feel now isn't too goood i just don't know what too do anymore! please all im loooking for is an answer! maybe i have that answer already by us not talking for the last day or two! but hmmmmmmm; just please the truth is all thats neeeded :(

haaa that bullshit blog b4 were i say i should stop worrying about thinking you guna cheat or leave me for someone else cos wooooow loook what happend ;P i really should just stick with my gut feeling with you!
soo; you don't get it obviously cos theres supposidly no harm in you hanging with her or them even or even just texting them if theres no harm why do you keep it seceret from me by telling me your at home bored when your with the both of them planning too go bowling; wtf is up with that? and you hide your texts aha gota be something too hide there aint there then! OMG your actually the biggest dick ae like i do love you too bits but lately i wish i didn't i wish i came back from fiji and never listened too your bullshit' i will admit these last few weeks have been amazing, you know how too cheer me up, make me smile everything but how this has ended i just can't help think was it worth it? sooo, you tell me! you tell me were on a break or whatever and it's not too do with her but think back too about two months ago when we were sitting by the river in your civic you said then we were on a break and it had nothing too do with her but then woow looksie it all did in the end and you went running back too her and then you both fucked each other over and in the end you were telling MY MATEs that you wish you had stuck with me ha and we all have that feeling deep down that thats going too happen again! you may think your the best liar or whatever but i can truely see straight threw you now! don't even bother lying too me, don't bother coming back if she rejects you, don't bother coming back if you have a bit'a fun then realise who you wana be with just DON'T BOTHER! because i can not be fcuked with the shit that comes along with the lying anymore! i can be honest with you too keep us strong and if you didn't like someone i texted or hanged with and you seriously had a problem with i'd stop and normal person would especially one who cares like you supposidly did/do; i guess youu don't ha well that makes me feel a whole lot special! :/ ha oh well seriously do what you want its in your hands now but i aint that kinda girl that sits here waiting 4ever for someone who plays games! you keep playing games and getting close too her i will walk away with no worries! i'd rather be happy than have too worry about what your getting upto 24/7 .. so yeah gooodluckk! i do love you and i would love too have us back again when she wasnt around but i don't want the us that it has been since saturday! :) takecare. xo

p.s; sweetie you truely are playing with fire& you caryy on like this then no doubt its just going to blow right up in your face and your left with nothing!

im sorry for always worrying about you cheating or leaving for some1 else!
its just once you've been hurt in the past by people you thort you cared 4 it's hard 2 trust again!
i'm doing the best i can with trusting you & i know well i think i can so far & too me that's pretty darnn goood lol.
i do loveyouu bub hope youu know that; i just want too be sure this time no screwing up! x

omg i hate you so muchh!
like actually too think at 1 stage i loved you make's me feeeel sick!
you are the biggest jerk i've ever know you think your sooooooo cool by getting your friends too yell out too me that im "his slut" and that your the best and shit arggh you fuck me off so bad just actually go away! im happy 4 once there's no bullshit dramas and theres trust; unlike there was with you so FUCK OFFF out off my life 4 good and stop with your immature bullshit :D

i really don't think i can trust you one little bit !
i've realised im going too have too start watching what i say around you, because you either seeem too twist the words & tell others or you just tell others; you've got too figure out is it really worth backstabbing cos otherwise your guna looose us all :/

it's like when im in your arms nothing matters anymore
the whole world freezes and all that there is; is us!
& to be honest i love that feeling, it's one that i think i just can't let go

"You don't loose friends overtime you just realise who your true ones are"
& I've finally realised who my true friends are!
There the real ones who have stayed by myside & haven't accused me off silly rumours bcos they know the real me :D
Thankyouu guys; Youu know who yous are! x

Every single blog b4 this about "That boy" is alll crapp! :D I guess you could say i was emotionally unstable :P I didn't know what i wanted but now i do soo from now on yous can actually believe the blogs :P x
I wana experience that one moment, that one kiss in the rain ! ;P

Mmmmm can't resist ;)
How do you apologise when you have done so much too hurt someone you love so much!?
I was wrong and stupid for so long; after you walked away and hurt me just that once i never knew if i could trust again so i decided to wait and see if life would be easier not trying so hard to impress you and then get my heart broke, but instead i pushed you away as far as i possibly could off & broke my own heart by doing so & i regret it so much, the rumours arent true i did not do the things that you think and other people think i have done/did. But yes sadly i did make that 1 saturday night a mistake by drinking and then kissing him :( i am so sorry for that and i wish i never had so badly but i can't take them stupid mistakes back. I just want us back i want too have that feeling i have when im in your arms, when its just me and you its amazing then people just seem too keep getting in the way, i know that if we can try we can get threw this i just know it but i can't do this by myself, i love you so much its actually unbelievable
how i feel & loosing you showed me truely the way i feel, Yes i get jealous over nothing, Yes i pack sads but doesnt that show you that i must care; i i didnt care that you were with her the whole day instead of me or ditched me that night for another her lol then i wouldnt love you the way i did. I had so much planned what we could have done that day but you choose too spend it with your bestfriends ex; upto you what you do but how would you like it i spent the whole day with one of your friends. You wouldnt would you! :( Im sorry for aparently being a drama queen i did go over board :( but i was just hurt i am truely sorry i just didnt get why you were being the way you were with me. If you love me the way you say you do how can you walk away so easily and how can you not want to sort things out i just dont get it. I don't want to loose you baby seriously but if you want too walk away for goood i just need too know. If that is the case i just want too feel one last minute in your arms; I will never feel the way i did for you with anyone else, And i want you too know that you showed me that this feeling isn't just in those fairy tales; just in this one we havent had our happy ending :( I love you always & forever MJL; xo

& she got taken too that place she had never been b4
& despite what everyone said she loved every second; :P x

" Some love & friends they dont mix but i can't help the way that i feel " Hey Yo" Seeing you makes my day "Hey Yo" ; I know you & me it seems wierd, But i think we should consider it
"Hey Yo "

Guys thort i would let you know that if i end up passing this year; Im not coming back next year D: but no don't worry im not going too be a bum ;P , Serah & Mike.P said i should become a builder aha, But hmmm not so down for that lol . ;P But yuupp byye byee UHC in 3 weeeks ;P .
i saw this really coool pink ute but blogspot wont let me put the picture on grrrrr. :(

I want this car ;P
(hint hint) ;P
im sorry; you know i love you & i don't want too loose you!
i guess thats why i never told you about him :(
it was a mistake; if i could take it back i would but sadly i can't!
i would do anything for us too be perfect again, but just tell me can it actually happen
there so many things what get in the way; her & him mostly!

i just want to get rid of them & be happy with you again with us!
is that possible? x

i just don't know what too do

you say you love me' why don't i feeel like you do; why do i feeel its her '& you not us?
i don't want too walk away but what if those people were right; do i jump '& take that risk '& just hope that that feeeling i have deep down doesn't come true.
i feeel as if she's getting in the way again. you lied to me about her going to your house, you hide the texts the past; what else are you lying about? i don't know what too trust anymore.

at times when we are together nothing feels more better; but then she some how ends up in the picture again and it feels like a ton of bricks have just hit me all over again.
i don't want too loose you but at this rate i am .
anyone know how to help?

" Don't take life to seriously; always find time to laugh!
Laughter not only adds years too your life; But life to your years "
- Quote; Pravs world.

" _The party don't start till i walk in "

sometimes i wish life was just like a eclipse; you could just disapear for a few minutes, enjoy the silence & forget the troubles :)

i just want a fresh start; you have done your part leave me alone; i want too change i dont want too be that person i once was when knowing you! i've hurt people i once cared for & i've hurt people i once saw as friends, all i can do i apoligise for my actions! You have done your part now leave me alone; im not looking for revenge, im not looking for round2, im loooking for a frest start, a new begining a life without you, a life without the drama just a life were i can finally be the real me without pretending! if yous have drama going on in your life then keeep me out of it please, i will be there for my friends (someone there to comfort them_) if they need me but i am not going out of my way anymore & opening my own mouth & screwing thing up, by me doing that i am allowing people to make things up that i suposidly say & that is only putting me in a bad position! my lifes going too change from now on (: thankyou to all the people who have been there for me & really shown me that i need too do this too be better off.x
im walking away :)
I dont know why but life is awesome :D i've never beeen soo happpy :)

" We will walk through a world were nobody has been before; Turn back the hands of time open every door "
Adore You - Lil Rain

over all the games, all the bullshit, all the lies!
fresh start is all im looking for; prepared to start from square 1 no matter what i takes.

live life to the fullest & expect the unexpected
everything was perfect you could say and then it all went tits up and now its gosh i dont even know what it is, because sweetie you still dont tell me! i know its hard 4 you cos your confused but what i want too know is are we just mates now? i just guess i kinda need too know because you dont really make much sense, you say "you made the wrong decision about me & you" what does that mean? when you walked away or what? i need too know ae its hard just sitting here having too guess all the time! if you want to be with her then be with her im happy for you i truely am, i just dont want you to be still asking me too stay over and kissing me and shit when you have feelings(love even)for her because it screws with my head never knowing what you truely want? please just be truthful with me! :)
i actually cant belive this, you tell me you love me too my face even! and then all of a suden you just dont! i dont get it! im done i cant talk to you anymore let alone know you, youve hurt me so bad its unbelievable! argg tbh i wish so bad i could take everything back, i could take my life back and not meet you because if i didnt meet you i would not feel this way that i do right now, people can say aw dont worry jade you will be over him soon but fuck 7months so far and i wasnt over you, then you just had too come back in and get my hopes up again thinking that maybe just maybe this time could work, you give me some crap how you scared about us being 2gether, everyone feels that way at some point in there life it just takes the people who care about that thing or person the most to take that risk and jump and just see what happens, but i guess somethings werent that important, Ok you have walked away now well guess what just dont bother coming back, yes it will hurt me so much but ya know what i dont care anymore as long as i dont have you teling me you love me and want to be with me and then saying you cant do this anymore then so be it. take care of yourself and i hope everything goes well for you; you are amazing always was and always will be, when you find that right person which you will, hold on too her and treat her well darl! it was probly the best memories iv ever made with loveing you and thats something i will never forget, but i want you too so i can finally dry my eyes for once and stop crying over you! I do love you so much and it kinda sucks too but yur my mistake! I know better next time! Goood bye :( x

Yahh basshunter concert in 1wk and 5days aha
-Ohh shit i have noone to go with now haa, anyone wana buy a xtra ticket off me aha i have two and only need one lmao, anyone down aha?

Yahhhh fiji in 6weeks and 2days aha
So yahh the holidays woooow ok no not really wooow but yeah aha 2wks of full on frontal up and down weather aha; non-stop partys ;p; chilling with friends; lazyy days; lay-ins; alchyy ;p; aha nauuuu can't wait should be goood then 20days left of school then exams grrrrr. >:( only bad buzz for me, but i only have like 3 which is kind of gooood :D aha ! leichelle have fun on holiday be safe :D be safe :P aha use protection (;. and all you others stay safe :D and have a gooood one! x
I can't do this anymore, everytime i think i have a true friend it just jumps back and bites me right on the ass! I can't take the drama, I can't take the lies, I can't deal with all the fucking bullshit that comes with this! Over it k completely, i feel like i should have listened to everyone else! But hmmm silly jade i didn't i just stuck with what i thort was right and as usal it was wrong :/ thanks alot for proving me wrong :(
- To that person i thort was a real friend
if i ride with you will you rock with me?
they say your too young too feel love; you'll never know if you truely love someone until you are old enough to understand it well i say thats a load of bull xD i swear that this feeling that i get when i think about you, this feeling i get when i recieve a silly little tx from you; that feeling is something i would call love! it hurts to know at times that there may not be an us, and they say that if you love something that much you would wait till the end of time for them. I would wait if i could but its so hard living with the feeling of "this may never be". you telling me you love me does make me feel a little bit better but the feeling of knowing it may not be true sends me back into that little slumm again! i wish at times i never loved you i wish at times that we never met then maybe i wouldnt feel the way i do now, but then i think what would i be with out you? not that same person you make me i know that! D: all i want is answers, i have so many questions and no answers, i dont care anymore stop worrying about telling me what i want too hear pleasen just be honest with me thats all i want now, i dont care if it will hurt i dont care if i will cry D: just want the truth please michael! i could never hate you or feel hate towards you so dont worry about that part of it lol just all im asking is for the truth! haa wana know something funny i swore to myself i would never fall like this; that i would never truely say the L word but look at me now i just cant get enough of saying it lol my golly thats so bad aha. anywayy i think i should leave it at this because after the first 3 lines i started too not make much sense so i kind off should stop confusing yous and jit, so yeahh the truth babe and then maybe an us? D: i love you MJL x
Jade & Lidia babysitting;

(Kid come in crying_)

L; Whats wrong?

Kid; I cant find my teddy?

J; Oh get over it theres pleanty in your bed already

L; Ahahaha

Kid; But i need something to hug

J; Mate you got arms hug yourself

(Kid runs of crying_)

Morol of the story; Never let us babysit your kids aha xD
Im sorry!
I didnt mean what i wrote in that blog!
If i could take it back i would'
Dont forget that xD
I still Y you lol ;p
(_I know people will think im crazy for still loving you but its to hard not too_)

Rave time! xD
7.00-11.00 tonight woooooooooooooooow!

Going to be a daymnn good night >D
Drama Production =] Woooow should be fun tehe, Im on on friday night tehe! So come along if yous havent already! Should be a night to remember lol.

Somebody pinch me your loves to good to be true
My guily pleasure i aint going nowere
Baby long as you here
I'll be floating on air
Cause you can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way i dont want to wake up from you
-Beyonce; Sweet Dreams
When are people going to grow up xD you tell people too move on out your life and sheit but then you write silly little blogs about them, I mean c'mon do you love them that much or something?
How is writing blogs about them and always moaning about them, Keeping out of eachothers lifes? Its not is it! I know im not probly being the best right now and im kind of doing the same but i havent been told to stay out of peoples lives and i dont bitch about it so its ok lol xD Anywhoo back to this situation ae, Seriously this aint too anyone in particular its kind of too a bunch of people to be honest, I dont wana seem like a bitch and backstab anyone cos im over that bullcrap to be honest lol i just think yous could really do with opening your eyes and listen not one of yous is just a hipecrit etc yous all kind of are, Your all being as bad as one another to be honest, Yous want to forget about eachother then do it! theres nothing stoping yous! And no that does not mean write silly blogs about one another and talk behind each others back it means FORGET act like its a random person down the street you dont know them or anything thats what yous need too do, Because seriously think about it you keep saying the bitchings getting old and yous are over it but yous sure as hell aint acting like it. ILY yous all and that aint guna change i just want all this too be over and done with cos im getting fcuking tired wth having to listen to a new thing everyday aha. PEACE & LOVE sugars PEACE & LOVE aha. xD (im not bitching about anyone and im sorry if it looks that way, if it bothers anyone just tell me & i can take it off lol) take care and smile. xD byyeeeee!
I reallllyyy reallyyyyy want too go too basshunter/3oh3 and smashproof concert!

baby you were a waste of time then and guess what you still are, ive moved on and no kidding im happy and babe you aint getting none! (:

Little wayne is preety sexy in a wierd way! (; aha
But gota say that boyy that reminds me of him is daymnn finee! ;p
That boy; i never understood what it was about you that got me so weak! maybe those cute little green eyes, that smile or even those hugs hmm never know will we! babe look you seriously are amazing and if i could have you i would but i just want everything too be right this time no screwing up, im not going too keep nagging on and asking what will hapen wth us etc because in time if us is what we both want then it will just happen, i guess you could say it could be kind of fate maybe? ! hmm never know only time will tell i guess. but know that no matter the outcome i am always here as a friend or girlfriend! one pointer to darl, my feelings cant just disapear over night sooo even if we stay friends there will always be that love for youu but i guess in time you could say it will fade lol but again one of these matters were we will never truely know! never change babe you are truely 1 of a kind (:! i Y youu x
Holly Rausch; holeyyy moleyy! ;p this girl is amazzingggggg! shes what i call the love of my life (; aha k maybe not that extreme cos even though you may think were the L word (; ahaha were not ok soo shhhh, its just a lot of loving! :D aha anywhoo babe youu are awesome you can be anoying some times and i just want too beat the crap outa ya but youu know i wouldnt because i love youu too much and plus you would umm probly kill me aha! but yess anywhoo ;p holly rausch youu are my shooting star i aint gun try ta change ya! (; aha ooo yeahhh! weve had some bangingg times babe defently ones that i will never ever ever ever (ok thats enough aha) forget! & even though we may not be how we used to be which i admit i do miss but you will always be my number 1 darling and we can always make some more bangingg memories (:
never change my solllllleee ! ;p i Y you like a fat kid Ys cake! x
Leichelle pompey; otherwise known as peichelle ;p tehe well babe were too start with you, 2-3 amazing years with this girl and we may not be the best friendy type who hang around together 24.7 but who gives a monkeys ;p she is one of my best friends no matter what!! she has been there threw everything(and i mean everything) i know that when i need her she will be there and she should know that whenever she needs me im just a second away! leichelle pompey you may be one crazyy maori ;p but never ever change not for noone you just wouldnt be my peichelle if you did! (: i Y you smelly! x
April hennan; well were too start with have known eachother since year 9 and we have been threw some bluddy good times and then again some really bad times, but ya know what i wouldnt change ya 4 the world! your awesome, i can tell you anything (: pretty goood too have someone like that i guess cos in the end true friends are what matters and no matter what i can still say your a truee friend, i know we have had great times and i know that we are going too have even better ones coming up, so guess what babe; i cant wait (: lets make some gooood old memories! ;p aha noo matter what april know that im always here (:
i Y you babe never change! x
so my last night when something like this; i asked him if we were just mates? he said yeahp atm? =/ that fully confused me 100000 times more, which is gay cos i fully dont like being confused aha! but anywhoo then i got in a fussy with jesse and crook so that kinda sucked cos now i feeeel guiltyy, and i just want youus too know im sorrry for getting in a mood guys just kinda took my anger out on yous what was meant for him! =/ but overall was an ok night! hopefully this weekend will be better and i wont make any of those mistakes that i seem to make when i go out and get crunkkk! (; soo have a goood weekend guyys and hope that all the weathers lushh for us all ae ;p yahhh april this weeekend should be funn, lets make it one to remember! (: x

so i let that guy that most of this blog is about read all of this and his reply was "Shoulda came seen me sat" ohhhh yaahhh just what i wanted! .. (sarcastic much) .. grr why cant it just be like the movies; guy likes girl, girl likes guy - fall in love live happily ever after woooooooooow!
whens my prince charming going to come along ae! geeez jealous of good old cinderella much she scrubbed toilets and still got her dream guy lucky biatchh! i sit on my fat ass and still cant get that one stinking boyyy! ahaha anywhooo just please when am i guna get some luck & get that one boyy who makes my knees go weak!
i Yyouuu (:
its so wierd; we were "us" way back & then we were just jade & ******* & then for a moment i kinda thort it was "us" again! :( now i guess its nothing! i wish i could go back to them first times of "us" and just redo it so it stayed us 4ever! i miss youuuuu! x
why everytime i touch something i think of you! laying in bed i think of you! sitting in a car i think of you! its like theres a slideshow in my head of everytime we spoke, every little play fight, every kiss, every time you said "i love you"; i think what im trying to say is i miss youu! everytime i close my eyes i just sit and wonder what if and just imagine what "us" could be like? im crazzzyyy for youu babe i just wish that you could see it!