haaa that bullshit blog b4 were i say i should stop worrying about thinking you guna cheat or leave me for someone else cos wooooow loook what happend ;P i really should just stick with my gut feeling with you!
soo; you don't get it obviously cos theres supposidly no harm in you hanging with her or them even or even just texting them if theres no harm why do you keep it seceret from me by telling me your at home bored when your with the both of them planning too go bowling; wtf is up with that? and you hide your texts aha gota be something too hide there aint there then! OMG your actually the biggest dick ae like i do love you too bits but lately i wish i didn't i wish i came back from fiji and never listened too your bullshit' i will admit these last few weeks have been amazing, you know how too cheer me up, make me smile everything but how this has ended i just can't help think was it worth it? sooo, you tell me! you tell me were on a break or whatever and it's not too do with her but think back too about two months ago when we were sitting by the river in your civic you said then we were on a break and it had nothing too do with her but then woow looksie it all did in the end and you went running back too her and then you both fucked each other over and in the end you were telling MY MATEs that you wish you had stuck with me ha and we all have that feeling deep down that thats going too happen again! you may think your the best liar or whatever but i can truely see straight threw you now! don't even bother lying too me, don't bother coming back if she rejects you, don't bother coming back if you have a bit'a fun then realise who you wana be with just DON'T BOTHER! because i can not be fcuked with the shit that comes along with the lying anymore! i can be honest with you too keep us strong and if you didn't like someone i texted or hanged with and you seriously had a problem with i'd stop and normal person would especially one who cares like you supposidly did/do; i guess youu don't ha well that makes me feel a whole lot special! :/ ha oh well seriously do what you want its in your hands now but i aint that kinda girl that sits here waiting 4ever for someone who plays games! you keep playing games and getting close too her i will walk away with no worries! i'd rather be happy than have too worry about what your getting upto 24/7 .. so yeah gooodluckk! i do love you and i would love too have us back again when she wasnt around but i don't want the us that it has been since saturday! :) takecare. xo

p.s; sweetie you truely are playing with fire& you caryy on like this then no doubt its just going to blow right up in your face and your left with nothing!