live life to the fullest & expect the unexpected
everything was perfect you could say and then it all went tits up and now its gosh i dont even know what it is, because sweetie you still dont tell me! i know its hard 4 you cos your confused but what i want too know is are we just mates now? i just guess i kinda need too know because you dont really make much sense, you say "you made the wrong decision about me & you" what does that mean? when you walked away or what? i need too know ae its hard just sitting here having too guess all the time! if you want to be with her then be with her im happy for you i truely am, i just dont want you to be still asking me too stay over and kissing me and shit when you have feelings(love even)for her because it screws with my head never knowing what you truely want? please just be truthful with me! :)