i actually cant belive this, you tell me you love me too my face even! and then all of a suden you just dont! i dont get it! im done i cant talk to you anymore let alone know you, youve hurt me so bad its unbelievable! argg tbh i wish so bad i could take everything back, i could take my life back and not meet you because if i didnt meet you i would not feel this way that i do right now, people can say aw dont worry jade you will be over him soon but fuck 7months so far and i wasnt over you, then you just had too come back in and get my hopes up again thinking that maybe just maybe this time could work, you give me some crap how you scared about us being 2gether, everyone feels that way at some point in there life it just takes the people who care about that thing or person the most to take that risk and jump and just see what happens, but i guess somethings werent that important, Ok you have walked away now well guess what just dont bother coming back, yes it will hurt me so much but ya know what i dont care anymore as long as i dont have you teling me you love me and want to be with me and then saying you cant do this anymore then so be it. take care of yourself and i hope everything goes well for you; you are amazing always was and always will be, when you find that right person which you will, hold on too her and treat her well darl! it was probly the best memories iv ever made with loveing you and thats something i will never forget, but i want you too so i can finally dry my eyes for once and stop crying over you! I do love you so much and it kinda sucks too but yur my mistake! I know better next time! Goood bye :( x