That boy; i never understood what it was about you that got me so weak! maybe those cute little green eyes, that smile or even those hugs hmm never know will we! babe look you seriously are amazing and if i could have you i would but i just want everything too be right this time no screwing up, im not going too keep nagging on and asking what will hapen wth us etc because in time if us is what we both want then it will just happen, i guess you could say it could be kind of fate maybe? ! hmm never know only time will tell i guess. but know that no matter the outcome i am always here as a friend or girlfriend! one pointer to darl, my feelings cant just disapear over night sooo even if we stay friends there will always be that love for youu but i guess in time you could say it will fade lol but again one of these matters were we will never truely know! never change babe you are truely 1 of a kind (:! i Y youu x