Holly Rausch; holeyyy moleyy! ;p this girl is amazzingggggg! shes what i call the love of my life (; aha k maybe not that extreme cos even though you may think were the L word (; ahaha were not ok soo shhhh, its just a lot of loving! :D aha anywhoo babe youu are awesome you can be anoying some times and i just want too beat the crap outa ya but youu know i wouldnt because i love youu too much and plus you would umm probly kill me aha! but yess anywhoo ;p holly rausch youu are my shooting star i aint gun try ta change ya! (; aha ooo yeahhh! weve had some bangingg times babe defently ones that i will never ever ever ever (ok thats enough aha) forget! & even though we may not be how we used to be which i admit i do miss but you will always be my number 1 darling and we can always make some more bangingg memories (:
never change my solllllleee ! ;p i Y you like a fat kid Ys cake! x