F R I E N D S ;
Haa what does the word actually mean?
You go threw your life going threw up's and down's loosing and gaining people who say too you "your my best friend" but really what are any of us getting out of this , yeah we learn how to be stronger , yeah we learn how to trust more and who we can trust but seriously what is that giving us some are saying yes it's making my life great i got rid of that backstabbing bitch mate but come on who hasn't told a white lie who hasn't mentioned a friends seceret b4 if it was accident or not. Were not all perfect we do all loose mates because we screw up! & in the end yeah we apparently find out who are real ones are but come on really how long until we loose them too , Girl friendships are like the little lions in africa fighting to be number1 hahaaha some are vicious and cruel and don't care who they hurt were some are those one's who help you threw it all .. But in the end all that matters is you gota fight too keep yourself alive not worrying about them others because when it comes down to it 90% of the chance there guna stab you in the back one day! it's up to you whether you forgive and forget or make the mistake and hold a grudge and loose what people say is a "True Friend"