your such a bitch seriously; what is your problem! you don't know me, you don't know who i am so what's your thing about hating me? straight up. he may of changed? too you or whatever but just because he doesn't spend his weekends with you and every waking moment texting you doesn't mean his changed! people change they move on his still your fucking friend he doesn't have too text you 24/7 just too show his your friend. he has better things ta do mate! you just make me so darn angry' i do not change him and i have not like seriously wtf baae; he can text you he can hang with you i don't care and i don't know what your on about he doesn't hang with you's lot anymore; he still hangs with pretty much most his mate's it's just not you! soo yeaah maybe you did something wrong fuck knows but stop blameing me and haveing a bitch, i haven't done anything i'm just his fucking girlfriend >sheeeeitt>i don't know if ya fancy him and to be honest i don't care if ya do cos i'm with him so i don't really expect him ta leave me 4 mmm ? haaha. but anywhoo seriously just grow up' don't be so quick to judge a book by it's cover! seriously you'd be suprised what people are like if ya didn't do thaat, everything aint always what ya seem. i don't care if i am being immature and writing this on the internet as ya sayl the internet seems ta be as big as your mouth so hmm seems the same too me , most people do get there anger out on things like this it's not like it says your name so no need ta think your miss hot shit and jump too conclusions; just mm if ya have nothing nice ta say don't say nothing at all the whole thing would be alot easier if ya did zip it.