hmm, alots happend since i've last been on this thing, and i've just got a hell'offa lot more confused! i love you; & then i love you not! haa, it's like those little flower games they play on "the little mermaid" .. he loves me ; he loves me not ! :L haa i always seem too be playing that game in my head when it comes down too us! , always thinking; does he love me ? doesn't he wana be together anymore! hmm i wonder. things between us haven't been the same but then the last two days it's like we've reconected! when you hug me you pull me closer and you seem too always hold me tighter; it makes me feel like you don't wana let go and to be honest, i love that feeling. i don't wana speak too soon and screw whatever this up! i just yeaah have been thinking about it and needed too say it too or on something haha. you know i will always have that feeling for you; i don't know why i just fell pretty hard for you sweetie, and it sucks too think what we had goten like b4 the new year.. people are saying new year new beginings maybe that's for us! in ways i hope so. i just want the pain and the tears too disapear and the love and the laughter too come back. . new year new beginings! ;; hmmm i wonder if it can work ?