How do you apologise when you have done so much too hurt someone you love so much!?
I was wrong and stupid for so long; after you walked away and hurt me just that once i never knew if i could trust again so i decided to wait and see if life would be easier not trying so hard to impress you and then get my heart broke, but instead i pushed you away as far as i possibly could off & broke my own heart by doing so & i regret it so much, the rumours arent true i did not do the things that you think and other people think i have done/did. But yes sadly i did make that 1 saturday night a mistake by drinking and then kissing him :( i am so sorry for that and i wish i never had so badly but i can't take them stupid mistakes back. I just want us back i want too have that feeling i have when im in your arms, when its just me and you its amazing then people just seem too keep getting in the way, i know that if we can try we can get threw this i just know it but i can't do this by myself, i love you so much its actually unbelievable
how i feel & loosing you showed me truely the way i feel, Yes i get jealous over nothing, Yes i pack sads but doesnt that show you that i must care; i i didnt care that you were with her the whole day instead of me or ditched me that night for another her lol then i wouldnt love you the way i did. I had so much planned what we could have done that day but you choose too spend it with your bestfriends ex; upto you what you do but how would you like it i spent the whole day with one of your friends. You wouldnt would you! :( Im sorry for aparently being a drama queen i did go over board :( but i was just hurt i am truely sorry i just didnt get why you were being the way you were with me. If you love me the way you say you do how can you walk away so easily and how can you not want to sort things out i just dont get it. I don't want to loose you baby seriously but if you want too walk away for goood i just need too know. If that is the case i just want too feel one last minute in your arms; I will never feel the way i did for you with anyone else, And i want you too know that you showed me that this feeling isn't just in those fairy tales; just in this one we havent had our happy ending :( I love you always & forever MJL; xo