i just want a fresh start; you have done your part leave me alone; i want too change i dont want too be that person i once was when knowing you! i've hurt people i once cared for & i've hurt people i once saw as friends, all i can do i apoligise for my actions! You have done your part now leave me alone; im not looking for revenge, im not looking for round2, im loooking for a frest start, a new begining a life without you, a life without the drama just a life were i can finally be the real me without pretending! if yous have drama going on in your life then keeep me out of it please, i will be there for my friends (someone there to comfort them_) if they need me but i am not going out of my way anymore & opening my own mouth & screwing thing up, by me doing that i am allowing people to make things up that i suposidly say & that is only putting me in a bad position! my lifes going too change from now on (: thankyou to all the people who have been there for me & really shown me that i need too do this too be better off.x
im walking away :)