When are people going to grow up xD you tell people too move on out your life and sheit but then you write silly little blogs about them, I mean c'mon do you love them that much or something?
How is writing blogs about them and always moaning about them, Keeping out of eachothers lifes? Its not is it! I know im not probly being the best right now and im kind of doing the same but i havent been told to stay out of peoples lives and i dont bitch about it so its ok lol xD Anywhoo back to this situation ae, Seriously this aint too anyone in particular its kind of too a bunch of people to be honest, I dont wana seem like a bitch and backstab anyone cos im over that bullcrap to be honest lol i just think yous could really do with opening your eyes and listen not one of yous is just a hipecrit etc yous all kind of are, Your all being as bad as one another to be honest, Yous want to forget about eachother then do it! theres nothing stoping yous! And no that does not mean write silly blogs about one another and talk behind each others back it means FORGET act like its a random person down the street you dont know them or anything thats what yous need too do, Because seriously think about it you keep saying the bitchings getting old and yous are over it but yous sure as hell aint acting like it. ILY yous all and that aint guna change i just want all this too be over and done with cos im getting fcuking tired wth having to listen to a new thing everyday aha. PEACE & LOVE sugars PEACE & LOVE aha. xD (im not bitching about anyone and im sorry if it looks that way, if it bothers anyone just tell me & i can take it off lol) take care and smile. xD byyeeeee!