so my last night when something like this; i asked him if we were just mates? he said yeahp atm? =/ that fully confused me 100000 times more, which is gay cos i fully dont like being confused aha! but anywhoo then i got in a fussy with jesse and crook so that kinda sucked cos now i feeeel guiltyy, and i just want youus too know im sorrry for getting in a mood guys just kinda took my anger out on yous what was meant for him! =/ but overall was an ok night! hopefully this weekend will be better and i wont make any of those mistakes that i seem to make when i go out and get crunkkk! (; soo have a goood weekend guyys and hope that all the weathers lushh for us all ae ;p yahhh april this weeekend should be funn, lets make it one to remember! (: x