if i ride with you will you rock with me?
they say your too young too feel love; you'll never know if you truely love someone until you are old enough to understand it well i say thats a load of bull xD i swear that this feeling that i get when i think about you, this feeling i get when i recieve a silly little tx from you; that feeling is something i would call love! it hurts to know at times that there may not be an us, and they say that if you love something that much you would wait till the end of time for them. I would wait if i could but its so hard living with the feeling of "this may never be". you telling me you love me does make me feel a little bit better but the feeling of knowing it may not be true sends me back into that little slumm again! i wish at times i never loved you i wish at times that we never met then maybe i wouldnt feel the way i do now, but then i think what would i be with out you? not that same person you make me i know that! D: all i want is answers, i have so many questions and no answers, i dont care anymore stop worrying about telling me what i want too hear pleasen just be honest with me thats all i want now, i dont care if it will hurt i dont care if i will cry D: just want the truth please michael! i could never hate you or feel hate towards you so dont worry about that part of it lol just all im asking is for the truth! haa wana know something funny i swore to myself i would never fall like this; that i would never truely say the L word but look at me now i just cant get enough of saying it lol my golly thats so bad aha. anywayy i think i should leave it at this because after the first 3 lines i started too not make much sense so i kind off should stop confusing yous and jit, so yeahh the truth babe and then maybe an us? D: i love you MJL x